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Re-created and Designed

Posted by mydarksides - June 24th, 2010

The Etrik Game is actually going somewhere,
I've designed Etrik's 1st stance and im throwing it out here! D;

The Game's an RPG some what turn based,
The Battle System's quite made up unusually~

I name Etrik's battle system "Core Gauge"

Its Broken down to Modes such as:

Wish - Magic mode
Stance - item mode
Attack - self explanatory
Defense - self explanatory

or in other words your using W,S,A,D to change modes! :)

The other characters have a COMPLETELY deferent approach in their own battle systems.
...but i've yet to find out how to create it.

honestly i've added wayy too much detail into this game and i still think its not enough...its already 34 MB and i havent finished the opening Title T_T

aghh, i just want to try and work with square enix already~
cant do all this on my own...

Re-created and Designed

Comments (3)

looks good right now keep it up

looks awesome to me

thanks! ^^

Ah, being 18 again, so nostalgic...
That being said, you're going to have to suck it in and work harder on your game!
Square Enix don't hire just anyone, they hire people with a drive, people who know what they're doing and, most importantly, people with experience!
The trouble you're going through right now, with your personal game?
Try to imagine all of that trouble, only 100fold, meeting game deadlines, working yourself to the bone, having to restart the same piece of work over and over to make sure that its the very best you can pump out.
Professional work is... well, a lot of work.
I'm not trying to burst your bubble, quite the contrary, but I think you should know, if your goal really is working for Square and you're already starting to find it hard... you've got a long road ahead of you :p
A bigger screenshot would be awesome, that being said.

haha wow thanks for the awesome review! :'D
though yes i do sound very rushy in this news post.

though i've redesigned the game from start to mid twice since early 09' so hard work really isnt a problem :p also i've submitted other game projects on deviant art though despite the attension in which im very grateful that i got...it was all so just embarrassing :S

so i quit the whole account and began from scratch :'(
regarding this game, its renamed to "like ornaments" after i joined a team who saw my work and decided to join. So now we're officially 3 people :)

though after many more concepts of artwork/gameplay etc. we came to the conclusion on how huuge the competition is out there.

so we kinda put it on hold/slow progress until we make more "stupid" games (words of our professor to describe small games) here on the internet and become an official small production company.
and once we think its time to start full production on "like ornaments" at least our name will be out :)

again thanks for the review never had anyone who cared about our work :3

PS: i was 17 when i wrote that news back then :p